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Ready Your Car For Winter

Winter in Indiana are oftentimes cold, snowy, and volatile temperatures too. These factors can make wintertime extremely difficult on you car or truck. Following a few maintenance before the season gets here can save you a headache and being stranded.

Check Battery

Batteries ina car tend to have a four or five year lifespan. Oftentimes if your battey is getting that old its a good idea to replace it before winter as routine maintenance. Also make sure all connections are tight and free of corrosion.

Check Tires

Tire are required by law to have at least 2/32 in. of tread. If you are getting near this point, it would be wise to consider replacing your old tire before winter season. You should also be sure to check air pressure once cold weather has settled in.

Cooling System

Swift Auto Service offers radiator system flushes and cooling system checks to prepare for the winter season. It's also important for your thermostat to be functioning properly

Pack Winter Gear

With the road being more treacherous and your carry being more likely to fail, you should be sure to pack a winter kit for your car. This kit might include road flares, blankets, coats, water, and more.

Swift Auto Service is standing by to serve you. If you need a annual auto inspection or a winter tuneup, call the experts at Swift today. (317) 791-1000

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