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2008 Dodge Caliber Review

Overall Assesment

Has been a great car with very little mechanical cost after 160k miles.

Factory Drivetrain Information

My Caliber came with a 1.8 motor. The motor, and the rest of the drivetrain have been very reliable. Motor is a little less powerful than you would expect.

What kind of repairs have you done to your car besides normal maintenance?

I had to replace a starter at about 60 thousand miles. Thats is all

Are there any drawbacks to the car?

17" low profile tire are more expensive than expected.

Are there any notable special features?

The laydown seats and the hatchback make this a very utilitarian automobile.

How does the caliber handle?

I find the caliber to handle a bit better than expected with its low profile tire and wide stance. The car is a little difficult to handle in the rain, even with new tires.

About The Author

Brock Carson

Brock Carson is 37 year old Indianapolis resident who is full time webmaster, dad, and and a mechanical guy's guy who can't believe he fell in love with a hatchback. Best Car Quote: "Don't fall in love with a piece of metal."