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Auto Electrical System

An automobiles electrical system is a very intricate and complex system which includes other components not covered in this article about the electrical system.

Core Electrical Components

  • The battery: Starts the car.
  • The alternator: Keeps the electrical system running after initial engine startup by battery.
  • Starter: Starts car by turning flywheel.
  • ECM: The cars computer system.
  • Plus wiring, coil, plugs, & more

Common Electrical Problems

  • Dead Battery: Most commonly a car not turning over is a dead battery. You may verify this by testing the lights.
  • Bad Alternator: Battery light on and possible paired with sluggish running or won't start
  • Bad Starter: Starts car by turning flywheel.
  • Bad Starter: Less commonly when a car won't turn-over it's the starter.
  • Bad Coilpack: Car turns over but won't start.

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